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“After spending a lot of time, doing lots of things, I’m finally where I’m supposed to  be, doing what I’m supposed to do.”


The word has gone out that Seduce is dead, and the mourners gather for her wake. But if Seduce is in her coffin, her memories and consciousness of those around her persist.


25th April 

The Mash-Up Memoir writing project for young women in Hounslow was established in 2017 in response to consultations with young women who told us that they felt voiceless and wanted a platform to be heard and to be creative.  We created the unique concept of a mash-up approach to writing to enable young women to experiment with different genres as they developed confidence in their creative abilities.

In the first year of this exciting arts project, over 70 young women took part in writing and performance workshops.   The young women attended writing workshops and received remote mentoring from award-winning women writers from around the country.

Inky Lemons is the anthology of the young women’s writing.  The anthology includes contributions from some of the country’s best poets and novelists.