Seduce 300




In and around Seduce’s House


The day opens her legs to let the night in. It moves from a dark lilac to bottomless purple. You wait for a moment to adjust your eyes and against your skin is a smooth coolness. By the grey whispering light of the moon, in the distance you can make out a large structure that almost blots out the horizon. You can’t tell if it’s a building or something more natural, a shadow, a greater darkness just recognisable against the blackness. Clinging to the edges you can see movement.

The souls sail around, chit-chatting and remembering nothing. Souls have a way of doing that. Visiting so many places, so many people that they very soon forget where they have just been. They only know where they are going and then, when they are there, they are already starting to forget. They bustle and nudge each other, some getting angry about the lack of space. A few circle ahead, waiting for one to go back. Sometimes they nip and scratch. They know they are only there for a short time so they want to make the most of it. Some are bigger than others, some are quiet but most are loud and for those that can hear them, their squawking can be heard for miles. Their long claws grip tightly to the perch and the small eyes look as if they are trying to remember. A gap on the branch becomes free and suddenly several souls race for it. A fight breaks out, as often does at these times.

They wait. They never know exactly when it’s going to happen, just a strong tugging that takes them back. Through the light and the dark and the cold and the heat, and finally again the cold. Like mothers they forget the pain. A small one manages to beat some others off the perch. This one has been waiting for the pull back. Wants to go. Looking, waiting, watching. Another is squawking, loudly, screeching at the others. She pays it no mind, she has sqawks of her own she’s not ready to let go of.

She is tired but in a hurry to get back.