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“After spending a lot of time, doing lots of things, I’m finally where I’m supposed to  be, doing what I’m supposed to do.”


Desiree Reynolds was brought up in Clapham, London to Jamaican parents. She told her Mum, at about 8 years old, that she was going to write a book and has been writing ever since. The early works continue to be hidden in a drawer. She started her writing career as a freelance journalist for the Jamaica Gleaner and the Village Voice. She left school as quickly as she could and went to South Thames and Westminster College. Having completed two degrees, she has been a shop assistant, youth worker and an editor. She has gone on to write film scripts, poetry and short stories. She continues to work as a journalist, writing book and film reviews.

Desiree is a broadcaster, creative writing workshop facilitator, DJ and mentor. She has had several short stories published in various publications, including A Generation Defining Itself, Hair: A Journey into the Afro and Asian Experience,  Moss Side Stories, The Suitcase Book of Love Poems  and Tangled Roots. Desiree is inspired by internal landscapes and collective memory. Seduce is her first novel. She is currently working on a collection of short stories, based on growing up in South London and a novel about the collapse of the plantation system in the Caribbean.

Her first novel, Seduce, is out now from Peepal Tree Press.