Book Of Sheffield, Born On Sunday, Silent.

Book Of Sheffield, Born On Sunday, Silent.


 “Born on Sunday, Silent”, a short  story in “The Book Of Sheffield” published by Comma Press.

The story of a child spirit that wonders through Sheffield’s libraries and archives uncovering her own past.


I fell in love with myself from early on. I fell in love with my name….Kai Akosua Mansah. Do not forget or get it wrong. It tires me me, this casual wrongness, this no need for correction.”


By Wasafiri Editor on December 16, 2019 

“Sheffield certainly provides rich pickings for writers, as is clear from the ten wonderfully different stories which make up this book. The cemetery is the evocative backdrop for ‘Born on Sunday, Silent’, Désirée Reynolds’s powerful story of the unmarked grave of an African child dating from the early 1900s, and the city’s shameful collusion in a racist and imperial past”.



Book Review: The Book of Sheffield

“Stories and experiences can lie hidden for all kinds of reasons, and Désirée Reynolds – not an occupant of Sheffield’s past, but of its current generation – digs for a life whose history was deliberately concealed. In Born on Sunday, Silent, she leads an enquiring spirit called Kai Akosua Mansah on a search for lost truths but finds that even Sheffield’s own archives don’t necessarily reveal the full tale.”

“Looking for Sheffield’s past was not easy,” she writes. “The things that get left out tell a story all of their own.”


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